“Both of my daughters’ reading grades improved so much they are now making A’s. They also improved in math. I am so pleased with the programs and with the staff at Mt. Zion. Ms. Doris Newton (Director of Academic Enrichment Programs at MZHS) helped me communicate with teachers and staff at their schools to find out what we needed to do to raise their grades in other classes.”

Karen Rarick, parent enrolled in MZHS’ “Even Start” program and whose children are enrolled in MZHS’ “Reading Enhancement & Math Acceleration” programs.

“My son – Antonio Cross – is a fourth grader who attended the SES tutoring sessions through Mt. Zion Human Services. I’m pleased to say that the excellent tutoring helped my son tremendously – especially in his self-confidence and his caring about his own work and grades. The program encouraged him to want to learn and not to give up when something is difficult. He was also ready and prepared for the FCAT this year, thanks to MZHS tutoring services.”

Monique Comer, parent of 4th grader enrolled in MZHS’ “Title I Supplemental Educational Services” program.

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